Hydraulic hoist: smooth elevation of heavy loads

Introduction to freight elevators

Hoists are indispensable devices for lifting and transporting heavy loads in various settings, such as manufacturing industries, commercial buildings, hospitals, and hotels.

The most efficient and reliable type of industrial freight elevator is the hydraulic.

In this article, we will explore in detail what a hydraulic hoist is, how it works, and what its advantages are.

What is a hydraulic hoist?

An hydraulic hoist is a lifting device that uses the principle of hydraulics for its operation.

Hydraulics is a technology that involves the use of incompressible fluids, such as oil, to transmit force and motion.

This type of hoist consists of hydraulic cylinders driven by a hydraulic power unit and uses a chain hoist system.

How does a hydraulic hoist work?

An hydraulic hoist consists of several key components that work together to enable the smooth lifting of loads.

The system consists of a hydraulic power unit, a hydraulic cylinder, the lifting chains and a control panel.

Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic power unit is responsible for providing the pressure needed to move the oil within the system. Usually, a pump is driven by an electric motor and generates a force that pushes oil into the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is the main element of the hoist. It consists of a piston that slides inside a cylinder and divides the space into two chambers. Hydraulic oil is supplied to one of the chambers to push the piston up or down, depending on the direction of movement required.

Lifting chains

The transmission of the vertical movement from the hydraulic cylinder to the platform is due to the lifting chains, which through coupling with pulleys work in size allowing a lifting height twice the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder to be achieved.

Control panel

The control panel manages the entire hoist system. It allows you to start lifting or lowering the load, control the speed of movement, and ensure safety during operation.

Advantages of hydraulic lifts:

Hydraulic lifts offer many advantages over other types of lifts:

High lifting capacity

Hydraulic hoists are capable of handling heavy loads, often up to several tons. These devices are ideal for situations where transport of massive objects is required.

Smooth motion

Through the use of hydraulic oil, hydraulic lifts provide smooth and controlled lifting.

Movement is smooth and precise, minimizing the risk of load damage or unwanted vibration.


Hydraulic hoists are designed for high safety.

They are equipped with safety devices such as speed limiters, safety valves and emergency brakes and restraints to prevent accidental falls or malfunction.


Due to their robust construction and simple hydraulic system, hydraulic lifts are known for their reliability.

They require less maintenance than other types of hoists and are able to operate efficiently for long periods of time.

Choosing a hydraulic hoist

Hydraulic hoists provide an efficient and reliable solution for lifting heavy loads.

Through the use of hydraulics, these devices offer smooth movement, high lifting capacity, increased safety and remarkable reliability.

If regular transport of heavy loads were required, an hydraulic hoist might be the ideal choice to improve the efficiency and safety of lifting operations.




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