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A goods lift can help the manufacturing sector in a number of ways, improving efficiency, safety, and logistics management within manufacturing facilities.

You will discover in this article in how many different ways it can make your job easier and what features you should consider if you are thinking of buying one.

Why a goods lift can be a valuable ally in the manufacturing sector

  • Heavy material handling: In manufacturing, heavy materials, components or finished products often need to be lifted and moved from one point to another. A hoist can simplify this operation, reducing the risk of strain injuries and speeding up the material handling process.
  • Vertical storage: Hoists can be used for vertical storage of materials. This means that height space in factories can be utilized, reducing the need for horizontal space. This can be especially useful for optimizing space use in environments with limited space.
  • Access to upper floors: In manufacturing facilities equipped with an industrial mezzanine, a freight elevator can be used to transport materials and products between to upper floors, facilitating workflow and resource distribution within the building.
  • Supply chain management: Hoists can be used to load and unload goods in procurement or shipment, simplifying loading and unloading operations and speeding up the distribution process.
  • Safety: The use of hoists helps to improve workplace safety, as it reduces the risk of accidents caused by manual lifting of heavy loads. In addition, freight elevators can be designed with advanced safety features, such as load or person detection systems aboard the obstacle platform and safety devices to prevent accidents.
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What features should an industrial goods lift for the manufacturing sector have

Whatever industry you work for, the characteristics that an industrial hoist used in the manufacturing sector must have are as follows:

  • This sector, involving various fields,(engineering, textiles, plastics, electronics or other) requires lifting very different weights from sector to sector. Therefore, a wide range of load capacities from 300Kgs to 5000Kgs should be considered, even with man on board.
  • Consider systems that can be easily installed to serve existing mezzanines by providing complete supply of the
    compartment in a metal structure
    requiring no masonry work

  • For the manufacturing sector, it is good to choose very sturdy platforms suitable for loading with electric pallet trucks or forklifts. The platform should also be stable at all times by means of
    mechanical parking hooks at the floor.

  • In this area, automatic floor doors can also be very useful to speed up the cycle of use, which should always be monitored by safety contacts.

Discover the best hoists for the manufacturing sector

Now that we have explained how a freight elevator can come to your aid and what features it should have, Updinamic has identified for you the most suitable industrial freight elevators for the manufacturing sector.

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In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry:

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In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry: