Hoists for food industry

A goods lift is extremely useful in the food industry for a number of reasons, helping to improve operational efficiency, food safety and regulatory compliance.

Below we have listed some of the main advantages of using hoists in this area:

Why choose a product elevator for the food industry

  • Heavy load handling: In the food industry, there are often heavy loads to lift and move, such as bags of ingredients, pallets of finished products or equipment. A hoist makes these operations easier and safer, reducing the risk of manual lifting injuries.
  • Vertical storage: Hoists allow vertical storage of ingredients, semi-finished products or finished products. This helps optimize warehouse space, reducing the need for horizontal space and improving inventory management.
  • Contamination prevention: The food industry must adhere to strict hygiene and food safety standards. The use of hoists helps prevent cross-contamination, as loads can be lifted off the floor and transported hygienically, avoiding contact with contaminants.
  • Continuous production flow: Hoists can be used to supply production lines with needed ingredients or materials in a timely manner, helping to maintain a continuous production flow without interruption.
  • Regulatory compliance: Food facilities are subject to strict health and safety regulations. Using hoists designed to meet these standards helps ensure regulatory compliance and reduces the risk of violations and penalties.
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What features should a food industry hoist have

In this industry, ensuring food safety, complying with regulations and ensuring an efficient and continuous production flow is critical.

That is why, if you are considering installing a goods lift in your business, you should first make sure it has the following features:

  • In this context, the load capacities (which are medium/high) will have to range from 1000Kgs to 3000Kgs, and they should also have the ability to accommodate an attendant on board.
  • Evaluate goods lifts that can be made with 304 or 316 stainless steel surfaces for food use and that can have specific set-ups such as enclosed cabins on 3 sides, with on-board equipment to be suitable for low temperature areas such as cold rooms.
  • On-board components should have a high degree of protection,
    suitable for aggressive, acidic and humid environments.
  • Consider integrating the goods lift into a more complex industrial facility using IoT technology to interconnect industrial systems.

Dairies, Pasta factories, Confectionery: what are the best goods lifts

Do you work for a dairy, pasta factory, bakery or slaughterhouse and are still unclear which product elevator can best meet your needs? Updinamic has selected the most suitable goods lifts for the food industry.

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In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry:

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In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry:

In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry: