Hoists for Logistics

Industrial goods lifts play a key role in the logistics sector, as they allow materials and goods to be transported efficiently, safely and quickly within multi-storey warehouses and distribution centers.

These vertical lifting devices can be installed both inside and outside buildings and are designed to move heavy loads between different floors or levels of the logistics infrastructure.

Why choose a goods lift for your warehouse or logistics center

  • Efficient Goods Handling: Industrial hoists make it possible to lift and move large quantities of goods and materials with ease. This helps reduce handling time, improving overall operational efficiency.

  • Space optimization: In warehouses and distribution centers, space is a valuable asset. Hoists make the most of warehouse height, allowing vertical storage of goods and reducing floor space.

  • Safety of operations: Industrial hoists are designed with advanced safety systems to ensure safe lifting of goods. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage to goods or operators.

  • Reducing human fatigue: Manually lifting heavy loads can be an extremely strenuous and potentially dangerous task for operators. The use of hoists reduces manual workload and the risk of lifting-related injuries.

  • Increased load capacity: Industrial hoists are capable of handling heavy loads that would be beyond the capabilities of a human operator. This means that large goods and significant weights can be transported effortlessly.

  • Reduced cycle times: Industrial goods lifts enable faster flow of goods through different levels of the warehouse, improving cycle times and speeding up goods handling operations.

  • Traceability and automation: Some industrial hoists are integrated with tracking and inventory management systems, allowing the flow of goods to be monitored and controlled in real time. This enables greater control and automation of logistics processes.

Montacarichi per Logistica

What features should an industrial goods lift for logistics have

If you work for a warehouse, storage facility, or industrial warehouse and are looking for a freight elevator that can meet your everyday work needs, consider the following features in terms of capacity, strength, and ease of installation.

  • Recommended capacities for a logistics hoist range from a minimum of 300 kg to a maximum of 4,000 kg, even with a man on board.
  • The systems must be able to be easily installed in mezzanines made of either metal carpentry or masonry.
  • The plant must be designed to High frequencies of use, With IE3 high-efficiency motors and heat exchanger For intensive uses on a continuous cycle. A robust plant will therefore provide you with greater reliability even when there is aggressive use (as in the case of loads of forklifts and concentrated loads).
  • A good freight elevator can be equipped with up to 8 mechanical parking hooks to ensure the loading phase is always perfectly stable.

Storages, warehouses and logistics centers: what are the best goods lifts

Choosing a goods lift for your logistics center or warehouse is not easy because there are many features to consider. Updinamic configures and manufactures goods lifts specifically for this application area.

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