Hoists for the chemical industry

In an industry characterized by specific hazards and stringent regulations such as the chemical industry, having a hoist can be a significant help in protecting operators to ensure that operations are carried out safely and in accordance with current regulations.

Why choose an industrial hoist for the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, there are several ways in which an industrial hoist can help you in your daily work. Let’s look at them together:

  • Heavy Chemical Container Handling: In the chemical industry, there are often hazardous or heavy chemical containers to be lifted and moved, such as drums, drums or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). A goods lift makes it much easier to lift and move these loads, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents or contamination.
  • Vertical storage of chemicals: Hoists enable the safe vertical storage of chemicals. This is especially important in the chemical industry, where it is critical to keep chemicals separate to avoid unwanted or dangerous reactions.

  • Transport of hazardous chemicals: Hoists can be designed with advanced safety measures for transporting hazardous chemicals, such as containment systems and seals to prevent the escape of liquids or gases.

  • Supply chain management: Hoists facilitate the loading and unloading of chemicals to and from transport vehicles, helping to reduce maintenance time and ensure continuity of operations.

  • Handling in hazardous environments: In chemical environments there may be risks of exposure to toxic or hazardous substances. The use of hoists allows operators’ direct interaction with these substances to be limited, improving employee safety.

  • Regulatory compliance: The chemical industry is subject to strict safety and environmental regulations. Using hoists designed to meet these regulations helps ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

  • Hygienic chemical handling: Hoists can help prevent cross-contamination of chemicals by ensuring that they are handled hygienically and in accordance with health regulations.

  • Efficiency and control of operations: The use of hoists can help improve operational efficiency and control of operations in the chemical industry by enabling faster and safer movement of chemicals.

Hoists for the chemical industry

What features should a hoist for the chemical industry have

  • In the chemical industry, a hoist can have a very wide range of capacities ranging from 300Kgs to 5000Kgs depending on the need. In addition, it is advisable that it has the ability to accommodate an attendant on board.
  • A chemical industry hoist may require surface treatments suitable for aggressive, wet and dusty environments.
  • On-board components must have a high degree of protection and be certified for explosion-proof Atex zones .
  • Stainless steel surfaces could be useful for this area for corrosion resistance.
  • Consider the possibility of being able to integrate the goods lift into a more complex industrial facility. With Updinamic this is possible thanks to the intelligent microprocessor logic.

What are the best hoists for the chemical industry

According to its past experience, Updinamic has identified the lifts that are best suited for the chemical industry.

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In our experience, these are the most suitable products for your industry:

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